what to study for IAS

What to Study for IAS

What to study for IAS exam?

Here is an exhaustive list and study plan strategy for What to study for IAS ? What study IAS exam is highly relevant . One should not take any risk when it comes to studying the right study material and books for the IAS exam . After a lot on intense study and analysis of various books available in market , we have prepared an exhaustive list of study material.

Revised booklet list to study for IAS PCS HPAS HCS exam

Geography-  Physical Geography, Climatology, Oceanography, World Geography & Indian Geography . Read NCERT books and G.C. Leong
History- Ancient, Medieval, Modern, World History. Read NCERT and Bipin Chandra . India after Independence .
Polity:  M Lakshmikant & PM Bakshi
Environment: Class notes and Booklet by Simran Sir
International Relations : World Focus, France 24, ww.mea.gov.in
Science & Technology- ISRO : wikipedia & Simran Sir ISRO Booklet
General Science : Basic NCERT and must study previous year question paper
Economics : Ramesh Singh . Dutt & Sundaram
UNO :  Booklet by Simran Sir
International Relations : World Focus, France 24, ww.mea.gov.in
CSAT- Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making.
Current Affairs- Weekly & Monthly : The Hindu
Punjab G.K : Rangla Punjab by Simran Sir Best book
Himachal Pradesh G.K . Concise G.K. of Himachal Pradesh Simran Sir
Haryana G.K Concise G.K. of Haryana
Additional Handouts on Disaster management, Internal/External Security, General Management.Etc

1) NCERT & ICSE books from class 6th to 10 (All Subjects)
2) The Hindu
3) DD News
4) Frontline
5) Yojana
6) Kurukshetra
7) Indian express
8) Economic and Political weekly-EPW
9)Sci and tech – www.sciencemag.org, www.nature.com, www.scitechdaily.com, Science reporter, Vigyan Pragti
10) Geography – Geography and You, www.censusindia.gov.in
11) International relations – World Focus, France 24, ww.mea.gov.in